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How can the BBC news audience create a more global voice?

We discovered the phrase 'six degrees of seperation' doesn't hold true anymore in this modern connected age. Researchers at Facebook have recently determined the average number of acquaintances separating any two people in the world is actually 4.74.

Conusmers tend to get their news in what you call 'flocks', only reading the things they care about dictated by their immediate circles; despite having the ability to share ideas and information with a large portion of the world's population with just a few clicks.

  • Team:
  • Anirudh Shiva - Copywriter
    Chris McMahon - Copywriter
    Martin Xoxa - Art Director
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  • Concept
    Interaction Designer

A Digital News Experience

We created an open platform to allow consumers of news to contribute, adapt, and develop their own experience. By making the news personal, we can show readers we're all connected globally to people and events you may not guess you'd have anything in common with.

LOGIN - Users select the networks they want to log in with

TOP STORIES - Explore top stories happening around the globe

FILTERS - Option to filter through news catagories

1ST REACH - Clicking on the Reach tab shows news stories around the globe that you are directly connected to and who you know affected by them

2ND REACH page - Widen your scope of news by changing your degree of reach to mutual friends

3RD REACH page - Explore stories related to mutual friends and connections even further with your 3rd reach and gain knowledge of events around the globe

ARTICLES - Discover exactly how you are connected to each story with your degrees of reach.

ARTICLES - View other contributors and lend your own voice